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Free Online Environmental Courses with Certificates

This is a list of the best free online environmental courses with certificates at the end of the course.

Take advantage of the lockdown to build your capacity and knowledge base.  Participants can follow the course at their own pace, and choose to have a certificate provided if they meet the certification requirements.

The list is as follows:-

UNITAR Online Environmental Courses

online environmental coursesUnited Nations Institute for Training and Research UNITAR offers courses that run throughout the year or several times a year free-of-charge and open to the public.  some of their courses includes:-

  1. Environment, Natural Resources And Un Peacekeeping Operations: Restoring Governance Of Natural Resources – access the course

  2. Integrated Planning for Climate Change and Biodiversity. read more

  3. Introduction To Environment, Natural Resources And UN Peacekeeping Operations. read more

  4. Human Rights And The Environment – read more

  5. Gender Matters – access the course
  6. Conflict Series – 1. What Is A Conflict?-access this course

UN CC: e-learn Online Environmental Courses

online environmental coursesMost of the e-learn courses offered by United Nation Climate Change are self paced and can be completed between with 2 to 12 hours on the maximum. some includes:-

  1. Climate Change: From Learning to Action- access the course

  2. Integrated Climate Risk information into NAPs.- access the course 

  3. Sustainable Diet – access the course

  4. Fundamentals on REDD+ – access the course

  5. Advancing on REDD+ –access the course

  6. Introductory e-course on Climate Change – access the course

  7. Introduction to Green Economy – access the course

  8. Open Online course on Gender and Environment – access the course

  9.  Introduction to Sustainable Finance – access the course 
  10. Sustainable Consumption and Production in Africa – access the cours
  11. click here for more course  

FAO Online Environmental Courses

online environmental coursesThe Food and Agricultural Organisation eLearning courses allow you to learn about a subject based on your individual needs and interests, and the format allows you to study at your own pace, anywhere and at any time.

A digital badge/certificate is available for free once the minimum requirement for each course is met. 

  1. Forest and Transparency under Paris Agreement- access the course
  2. Climate-Smart Fisheries and Aquaculture- access the course
  3. Climate Smart Forestry – access the course
  4. Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Fisheries and Aquaculture  – access the course
  5. Measuring the role of forest and trees in  household welfare and livelihood –access the course
  6. Introduction to National Socio Economic Surveys in forestry – access the course
  7. Climate Smart Crop Production – access the course
  8. click here for more course  

UN SDG: Learn Online Environmental Courses.

online environmental coursesUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals eLearning program include the following courses:-

  1. Competitiveness Through Enterprise Sustainability – access this course
  2.  Urban Rail Development – access this course
  3. Climate Mitigation Initiatives – access this course
  4. Solid Waste Management – access this course
  5. Carbon Taxation – access this course
  6. Air Quality Management – access this course
  7. Hydropower Projects – access this course 
  8. Climate Change the Science and Global Impact – access this course 
  9. Environmental Security and Sustaining Peace – access this course  
  10. How to achieve the SDGs – access this course 
  11. click here for more courses

World Bank Open Learning Campus

online environmental coursesAccess development topics through online courses that are virtually facilitated and self-paced that draw on the latest global expertise and technology in learning. they include:-

  1. Climate Change and Health – access the course
  2. Environmental and Social Framework Fundamentals – access the course
  3. Introduction to Environmental Flows in Hydropower Projects – access the course
  4. Click for more


This list is not exhaustive in case you have a training webinar or upcoming training program in the Environment field take advantage of this platform to reach out to a broad spectrum of environmentalist all over the world that subscribe to environheroes. contact us for collaborations and linkages. 

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  1. Anyone told me how to access. I registered but no notification or sallybus for learning nd how i get certificate plz guide me in this regard

  2. Wonderful, I am planning on enrolling for Masters in Planning and environment, this will be a good start to understand the topics on environment.
    Thank You.

  3. I looking forward to be part of this green environmental mettle, and work in the domain helping the earth and life on it to be better foe everyone…
    Thank you for these courses

  4. I have master in Environmental science, I want and learn new idea interms of Enviromental protection & Environmental justice attach new information for me

    • Awesome area of study am sure I can help out in future post on the interim you can check my post on Guiding Principles of Environmental Law.

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