Dangers of Gas Flaring In Nigeria – Pt 2

Gas Flare

The Unspoken Dangers of Gas Flaring in Nigeria Pt. 2

As reteriated in my earlier post Dangers of Gas Flaring in Nigeria there are Billions of revenue that are converted to environmental nuisance as a result of Flaring.

Economically, gas flaring is considered a waste of money activity.  Billions of naira is lost as a result of flaring annually. The amount of gas that is lost due to flaring can be put to good use. A good example is converting the gas to electricity which will in turn boost the epileptic power supply in the country. Unfortunately, this is presently not the case.    

Regrettably, despite the adverse effect and dangers of gas flaring in Nigeria, this flaring activity still remain on the rise again, despite several National legislation against the practice.

Conclusion on the unspoken dangers of Gas flaring in Nigeria

Having said all of these, I believe you have discovered as well the menace of  gas flaring and the unspoken dangers of flaring activities in Nigeria.

The world is battling with Climate change and Gas flaring is a leading contributor as it brings about the release of Carbon(iv)oxide, Methane  and other Greenhouse gases emissions in the atmosphere. This vivid effect of gas flaring is not healthy and disastrous to the environment, wildlife and human life itself.

Knowledge is paramount, therefore, to end gas flaring or oil spill in Nigeria;  provisions need to be made to enlighten the masses about the effect of gas flaring,  the need for a change and the importance of maximizing the availability of gas. The  oil and gas companies should also be strictly enforced to operate by compliance with environmental laws with exorbitant fines attached for defaulters so as to deter them.

Companies can as well key into the Gas commercialisation plan of the Federal Government to harness this gas being flared. Environmentalists in conjunction with Human rights organisations should be encouraged to continue in their quest to put an end to the hazards caused by gas flaring.

The Nigerian government will do well to take proper action by taking up gas flaring as a matter of urgency. To have a better nation, the eradication of gas flare is inevitable.


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