25 Top Biodiversity Organizations and NGOs

biodiversity organizations

Biodiversity is a matter of interest and concern to the entire world.
As a result, there are lots of biodiversity organizations and NGOs that have risen to meet these concerns to ensure this system, which is essential to human beings, is preserved.

Such Biodiversity Organizations and NGOs include:

biodiversity organizations

This organization is out to preserve biological diversity and ensure its components are continually used and maintained. They also ensure that the benefits from the use of genetic resources are shared equally.

This is one of the top biodiversity organizations that connects people and their source of living with biological diversity, thereby protecting and building the environment. IIED works in different parts of the world but is based in London.

Millennium assessment ensures the continued use of the ecosystem, checks the changes in the ecosystem, and the result/effect of this change in the life of humans.

This program supports the preservation of the world’s biodiversity by raising funds and working together with other similar groups to achieve stable financial support for global biodiversity.

This is one of the top biodiversity organizations that initiate and build businesses in the area of conservation and give strategies that will help to protect the biological diversity in the environment.

This organization uses joint efforts to keep the ecosystem by restoring native habitat and making sure that native plants do not go out of existence.

This is one of the top biodiversity organizations that, this organization collaborates with other organizations like the government, universities, local communities, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to ensure the protection of life on earth and show that humans flourish well when their society is in equilibrium with nature.This is one of the top biodiversity organizations that

This international organization is committed to the promotion of studies related to the things that affect biological diversity. Such items could be a loss, maintenance, and restoring of biodiversity. They publish the conservation magazine and the journal on conservation biology.  

This organization is known to create new ideas and programs that have become excellent examples of conservation programs. An example of such purposes includes the creation of protected areas like Kruger Serengeti National Parks, which preserves wildlife and ecosystem.

This international organization is the oldest in the world. Its job is to value nature, make sure that it is effectively used mainly as a solution to food and climate challenges around the world.

The mission of the wildlife conservation society is to encourage people to study zoology, create the highest zoo ever, and encourage the protection of wildlife.

biodiversity organizations

This organization drives the campaign to fight global warming, thinning of the ozone layer, and other such problems that affect the environment around the entire globe. The UNEP also has plans of actions to control the reduction of natural resources and protect the ecosystem.

Oceana foundation’s sole mission is to carry out a definite campaign that is science-based and has a target delivery date to achieve planned goals of restoring and preserving the oceans of the world.

biodiversity organizations

This organization protects plants both wild, and the ones grew by cultivation. They do this by ensuring the application of the right measures for pest control and prevention, thereby preserving plant species.

This global group brings together organizations with the common interest of having a future that is food-secured. They aim to raise food security, improve the nutrition and health of humans, and reduce poverty, especially in rural areas.

The primary aim of this organization is to preserve plants and ensure the maintained use of the materials of plants for feeding and cultivation and the just distribution of the advantages gotten from the use of these natural plant materials.

The mission of this organization, which studies biodiversity is to conserve biodiversity by reducing factors that are seriously threatening the cultural and biological diversity around the world. This goes a long way to keep and preserve our biological diversity.

The nature conservancy organization preserves nature by protecting acres of land and river miles all around the globe.  Every year and in all parts of the world, they also carry out numerous projects to conserve the marine.

This convention is an agreement that makes sure that wildlife does not go into extinction. They do this by monitoring the global trade of wild plants and wild animals’ specimens and ensure that this wildlife doesn’t cease to exist as a result of this trade.

Xerces is an international organization that is not for profit. Their mission is to keep wildlife safe by preserving invertebrates and their place of natural occurrence.

This nonprofit institute uses education to promote the preservation of the earth. They create and back up plans with the sole aim of opposing or thwarting the factors that are dangerous to our environment’s biological diversity.

The nature conservancy organization preserves nature by protecting acres of land and river miles all around the globe.  Every year and in all parts of the world, they also carry out numerous projects to conserve the marine.

This is a movement launched by the Natural Resources Defense Council to make sure that our planet is maintained by preserving our biogems and ensuring that our unique wild places remain wild and not go into extinction.

This group connects other groups from different nations who are also leading in the development of biodiversity and also check the progress towards reaching the goal of the convention on biological diversity (CBD) 2010.

This is a movement by the United Nations Development Program and the United Nations Environment Program to help nations to carry out National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans of the UN convention.

Nature and wildlife are essential to us and necessary for the balance and safety of our ecology. These organizations and NGOs help to conserve the planet and show the beauty of nature and ensure they do not become extinct.

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